5 Last-Minute Effortless Gift Ideas for Valentine Day

Kai Jackson

Valentine Day is tomorrow and you haven't bought or thought to do anything for your sweetie, it's not that you don't care it just slipped your mind. Now it's the day before one you're stuck wondering what to buy before you're doomed and without a boo. This goes to all my procrastinating Patricks and last-minute Lisas, these 5 quick gifts ideas will show you're Valentine that you do care (even if you did almost forget.)


1. Write down how much you care/love your significant other on either construction paper or on sticky notes and plaster the notes all over your love bug's place. Everyone loves reassurance and sometimes even the simplest gesture makes the most significant impact. Also, this is more personal than buying a card because it allows your heart to speak for you. To sweeten the deal, create an origami rose or cupid's bow, here's a link to simple Valentine origami projects. Origami Valentine Projects

2. Go on an unique date. Visiting a museum is a perfect place to gain insight on your significant other's thoughts. The casual setting will allow both of you to be comfortable. This is effortless and also you usually don't have to make reservations (TIME SAVED!) nor are you breaking your bank (POCKET CHANGE!)

3. Plan a pizza and movie night! Yes, you can do this on any given night, but can you have a heart pizza on any given night? Nope! Pizza Hut and Papa John's have Valentine Day specials where they create heart-shaped pizzas during Valentine Day. Check out your nearest Pizza Hut or Papa John's for details on purchasing. It's a super cute idea, eat your heart out, literally, while cuddled up watching movies. 

4. Spa day at home. Women and men love the luxury of getting spa days and the convenience of being at your home is a plus. Buy some roses and pour them over the floor, get some candles and make sure to buy a nice wine. I recommend Stella Rose Black. You'll be able to swoon over your baby after his or her long day. 

5. Cook Dinner and Dessert. This is one of the easiest things you can think of because you get to freestyle what you cook. I recommend cooking your favorite meal and dessert could be chocolate-covered strawberries! Add champagne to be fancy and viola! 

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