The Best Nolaskinsentials Gift For Every Astrological Sign

Kai Jackson

Hi Nolababes! The holiday season is quickly approaching and the pressure to buy the perfect gift may be a little too intense. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone but you still haven't managed to snag gifts for your girls, let alone have any idea what they want. No worries, we've created a fun gift guide to help you out with that.

Although the zodiac signs do not intel that every person would want the same gift, knowing your friend is a Capricorn might suggest how attentive she is to detail, especially with that dark spot on her forehead she continues to complain about. And with Mercury in retrograde for the last time this year on Dec. 3, it is best if you get holiday shopping done early to avoid any type of astrological misfortune. 

Below, find out the best gifts for each zodiac. 



Although Aries women are a little indecisive with things, they sure know themselves inside and out. A glowy, youthful appearance is a necessity and as health-conscious as Aries would want to gift them something that embraces their inner-child but allows them to still be on their grown-woman s**t. 

Try gifting your Aries bestie our Fountain of Youth Serum           


She'll look visibly younger, you may actually get jealous. 




The mother goose of the zodiac, the Taurus woman has an ethereal that is unmatched and with that delicacy she possess, everything around her needs that exact same energy, especially regarding her skin.

Even though Taurus women hates change, adding the Brown Sugar Babe Cleanse in her daily routine will please her. She may be reluctant to try it but her down-to-earth spirit will give it a chance. Plus the airy, light scent of this brown sugar infused body wash will have her hooked.                                                  





Gemini women are both reserved and an open-book. Never wanting to burden others with their wants but would rather get things done on their own, even if those goals are entirely out of reach.

So we understand that buying gifts for your Gemini partner-in-crime can be a little difficult. Here's where you (as the awesome,loving friend you are) come in at. Match a gift with all of her personalities, Gemini women believe more is more when it comes to their beauty routine. What does this mean? Buy her a bundle package. The OG Bundle package to be exact. 

She'll be throughly impressed and may actually tell you a secret or two.




A Cancer woman brings undisputed waves of freshness to any social event they attend. Their easy-going attitude allows them to become the center of attention, sometimes even unwarranted. Cancer women enjoy balance and when it comes to their skincare routine, they are attracted to products that can rejuvenate their complexion against the elements. 


Try gifting your Cancerian boo with our Lavendula Toner 

It helps with balancing out the skin's PH balance and refreshes dry skin.




One of the most powerful women in the zodiac, the Leo woman exudes confidence. She has always had a mindset that is far ahead of her time, and many people yearn to be in her presence. Although she may present herself in a stuck-up way,  she is extremely modest so when you ask her about her skin routine she wouldn't mind sharing the deets with you. 

Gift your bold Leo girlfriend our Exfoliating Glycolic Night Creme     


Even in her sleep, she's still working on her skincare. 


Known for their spellbound beauty, Virgo women have a particular charm that no one can place their finger own. Virgo women are that "easily able to persuade you to splurge on that purse that you know you probably can't afford, but you thank them anyways because you wouldn't have had the courage to get it otherwise" type of friend.

Rather your Virgo bestie doing the charming, you can charm her with our Botanical Oil 



A woman of routine and balance, Libras are neither complicated nor problematic. So buying presents for this zodiac woman is fairly the easiest of them all. Now, that doesn't mean give them a bogus present because Libras like to be well-taken care of. Their skin and overall appearance is priority, and with their solid skin care routine gifting them a new item to try may have some resistance.

No worries Libras love and trust their friends and she'll also love our Clarifying Face Wash



Everyone needs a Scorpio woman in their friend group; she is literally the life of the party. A true Spice Girl, indeed.  Scorpios are generally the feisty, well-established friend that everyone simple adores. Keep your Scorpio bestie looking amazing with our Pumpkin Enzyme Face Mask. Like her this face mask has an extra kick of flavor with an added tingly sensation, which allows your face to have noticeably brighter difference after usage. 



When it comes to trying new things or being a part of an adventure, your Sagittarius babe will be all in for it. This makes it easy on you to be a gift-giver to her. As difficult as she is with making decision, Sagittarius women love to welcome change so adding a new product to her skincare regimen will be a breeze. Plus Sagittarius women love soft and sweet fragrances –we have the perfect gift for you. 

Try gifting your Sagittarius bae our Shimmer Bae Body Exfoliate



Capricorn women are extremely clever and witty. Be careful with dropping too many hints on a potential gift, they hate surprises and will either already know the gift you got them or somehow already own it. But never fear, Nolaskinsentials is here. 

With our new products you're bong to find something for your Capricorn friend. 

Our Rose Hydration Mist will be a great addition to her already extensive skincare routine. 





Aquarius women have a unique aura that is unmatched. Her uniqueness can cause her to be a perfectionist, so you may hear her complain a little bit more about her appearance than others. She loves to feel pampered, even if she has to do it herself. 

Our Charcoal Clay Face Mask will be perfect for her, she can get the spa day within the privacy of her own home thanks to you. Make sure you add some sliced cucumbers so she can be extra! 





Heaven on earth is what a Pisces woman is. Soft-spoken and vivacious you know if your friend is a Pisces, you can always count on her to be there through thick and thin. What better way to add to your Pisces bestie skincare product stash than gifting her something that she'll always need. Our Glycolic Intensive Masque can be used for those days when she wants a little extra ump to her skincare routine. 



I hope this helps relieve some stress off of all of our Nolababes with their holiday shopping! Hopefully your friends become Nolababes too after you gift them these amazing products! 

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