What in the serum?

Ever bought products because they were all the rave. But, had know earthy clue what they actually do? We understand, serums are having a highlighted moment right now. They're everywhere! Beauty post, blogs, and even on your makeup vanity. For many years, our routines have been fairly simple. So why do we now need serums & what purpose do they serve? 
What is a serum & why is it important?
Serums can range in consistency, from very light cream bases to gel-like substances. But, what they all have in common is the purpose that they serve —to enhance your skincare routine. The active ingredients work together to target a number of skincare related concerns. I mean seriously, there's a serum out there for just about everything. Most of which, acne scarring and your favorite, aging. 
How often should I apply my serum?
Most serums, including those from Nolaskinsentials should be applied to the face at least once a day. But, to be certain make sure you read the labels to cover your tracks. As we mentioned previously, depending on the base of the serum would be the order in which you apply your product. Take the Iconic Elixir for example, although non-comedogenic, it is rich in oils. Oils are larger in molecules therefore should be applied after your moisturizer. Whereas, if your serum is water based feel free to apply underneath your creams.
Wash, Serum & Go? 
NO! A serum can be jam packed with essential oils and moisturizing ingredients, true. But, they do not replace the benefits that moisturizers give. Continue with the use of your hydrating facial creams, which are much more rich and keeps the hydration locked while creating a protective barrier.  
So are serums good for my skin?
They most certainly are. There are many serums that are targeted to your every need. That's whether you have dry, oily, combo or acne-prone skin. Ingredients are at your disposal and are truly your best friend, get to know them and works best with your skin! Lastly, the most important take away of it all: More is not, I repeat - not better. Serums are rich and very potent in ingredients, too may drops too often can irritate your delicate skin. Keep it to a few drops and spread evenly throughout the face. 
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