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    Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Try Me

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    Cruetly Free


    Made for all

    Serve up clear, luminous skin with the power of pumpkin

    Reduce the appearance of pores and brighten dull skin with this decadent pumpkin mask for a glowing complexion.

    Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Try Me My Bag

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    Move over, pumpkin lattes. Your face wants in on the action. There’s nothing basic about our Pumpkin Enzyme Mask made with 10% Glycolic Acid. We packed the jar with real pumpkin, an antioxidant powerhouse that clears congested skin and gently exfoliates while treating your nose to a spicy fall aroma. If you have dull skin and clogged pores on cheeks and nose, this one is for you. Smear the burnt-orange goo over your skin and set a timer for 5-7 minutes, then rinse to reveal clear pores and super soft skin. Fair warning: Our pumpkin face mask smells so good you might want to eat it — please try not to, ok?

    This product is not intended for sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, please check out our glycolic masque.

    SHELF LIFE: 8 Months (Store in a cool area)

    PACKAGING TYPE: Glass container


    • After cleansing the skin, apply a thin layer of mask with your face mask brush to dry skin.
    • Apply mask for 5-7 minutes, rinse and pat dry.
    • Follow with a toner water and the Hydra Moisturizing Creme


    • Fights free radicals
    • Hand crafted with cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients


    • 10% Glycolic Acid
    • Pumpkin Puree
    • Hemp Seed Oil

    View entire list of ingredients here 


    • Try Me: 1 oz

    To purchase the regular size (4 oz), please click here.

    *All items are 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, and hand-crafted with love.

    A pumpkin packed fix for dull skin and clogged pores.

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    What Nolababes Say


    If you have acne prone skin this mask will change your life 😍

    amazing mask

    this mask is a must have!

    Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Try Me

    Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Try Me

    Serve up clear, luminous sk...

    Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Try Me My Bag

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 57 reviews
    Anexis (Springfield, US)
    Age: 30-41
    Skin Type: Oily
    Skincare concern: Dark spots/Redness, Cystic Acne
    The mask I didn’t know I needed

    First and foremost, the sample size was very generous so thank you! I absolutely love this mask. It smells like baby food, but I was able to get past that because the cleanliness/glow that I could see and feel babyyyy run don’t walk and get this mask!

    ML (Long Beach, US)
    Age: 30-41
    Skin Type: Dry
    Skincare concern: Dark spots/Redness
    Great honestly except...

    I'll be real - I can't stand the smell LMAO The smell reminds me a lot of thanksgiving which is cool on the day I'm going to stuff my face but not when I'm going to sit with it *on* my face for like five minutes. The smell aside, it's honestly great. I'd still be willing to use it and grab a full size despite the fact because it does help leave my skin a lot more smooth and clear.


    This didn’t work too well with my skin I had slight burning sensation but I gave the rest to my mom and she said she really liked it and it makes her skin super smooth


    Works great for my hyperpigmentation and does not irritate my sensitive skin. I am so glad I tried NOLA 🙌🏽🙌🏽

    Erica (Ann Arbor, US)
    Age: 30-41
    Skin Type: Combination
    Skincare concern: Clogged pores, Dark spots/Redness, Large pores
    Love it

    Love love this mask. A little tingly which I like bc it feels like it’s doing something. Truly does smell so good like you could eat it. And most importantly makes my skin feel fresh revived.