Botanical Oil

$23 USD

Speed up cell turnover with our Botanical Oil. This recovery oil works hard overnight to gently exfoliate your skin. So catch up on your ZZZs and in the morning you’ll wake up to a soft, supple complexion.

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  • Use nightly (after applying your moisturizer) to lock in all of your products


  • Speeds up cell turnover (exfoliates)
  • Leaves skin feeling plump
  • Vegan


  • Glycolic Acid
  • Neem
  • Tea Tree Oil

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Do not mix with other retinals. 

*All items are 100% Vegan and Cruelty-FreeParaben-Free, and hand-crafted with love.


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Age: 30-41
Skin Type: Combination
Skincare concern: Dark spots/Redness
Didn’t work for me

Really wanted this to work but I don’t think oils are for me in general. I break out all the time so it’s not this products fault per se. have it 3 starts bc the dropper on the bottle broke after 2 uses.

Hi Tam, We hate to see that you didn't fall in love with our product. But, we hope to have you back as a Nolababe in the future!
Age: 1-18
Skin Type: Combination
Skincare concern: Clogged pores, Blackheads/Whiteheads, Large pores
botánica oil

GREAT PRODUCT! it truly changed my skin i rarely break out

Age: 19-29
Skin Type: Combination
Skincare concern: Clogged pores, Blackheads/Whiteheads, Dark spots/Redness, Large pores
Anyone with acne NEEDS this !!

So I am prone to acne but I also get dry skin so this botanical oil is AMAZING for my skin. Ever since incorporating it my skin has been so clear. And everytime I forget to use it I start breaking out again. This is liquid gold I swear. Nola has turned my skin around and I’m so thankful.

Age: 19-29
Skin Type: Oily
Skincare concern: Clogged pores, Blackheads/Whiteheads, Large pores
Botanical Oil

I recently switched from using the iconic elixir to the botanical oil. The iconic elixir worked very well for me and I was pleased with the results but I switched because the botanical oil description says it is good for blackheads, enlarged pores, and breakouts which I have all. I haven’t noticed a difference in my skin yet but hoping I will in a couple more weeks. I use this along with the glycolic and clarifying face wash, witches brew toner, and night cream. The only negative about this product (which really isn’t a big deal for me) is the smell, the iconic elixir smells so much better but the botanical oil isn’t too bad.

Age: 19-29
Skin Type: Combination
Skincare concern: Clogged pores, Blackheads/Whiteheads, Dark spots/Redness, Cystic Acne, Large pores
Love Nola

I have struggled with my skin (problemactic/acne/dull/large pores/etc) for years now. I got a Nola OG Bundle at the beginning of summer, I really started noticing a difference in my skin. Not completely clear but it was showing potential within about 1.5 months, thats when I decided to add in the Botanical Oil, it sounded right up my alley! I've only used it for about 3wks now, nightly. I like how it absorbs fast and doesn't leave my skin oily after application. I wish I could say I have noticed a bigger difference in my skin, unfortunately, I quit smoking & started drinking less around the same time I got it and I think my skin is detoxing (which always makes it worse before it can be better). I also just had my period that makes my skin flair up too. I will keep using and hopefully have better results after my body heals itself! Nola can't control my hormones or body detoxing and it takes time to cure troubled skin, but I absolutely love Nola! It has given me the hope no other products have before! I would totally recommend trying it out.

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