Mommy Collection

"Inspired by a mom, with all moms in mind"

Hi everyone! My name is Demetria, the inspiration behind this collection. I've been pondering for days thinking, "what should I say, what to write, these people don't want to hear me talk" and then I finally stopped overthinking. For the past few months, I've been working onside the fabulous owner (pregnant clearly) and she honored me with this great collection. The products are amazing and yes, you guessed it ... all NATURAL! Below, you'll find some products that are great for everyone who's expecting or already has their bundle of joy. We really hope you all enjoy this collection just as much as we enjoyed creating it for you all 


Jayce's Herbal Infused Diaper Cream

Infused with calendula, our diaper cream is specially formulated to keep your baby coating with a soothing moisturizing cream that can help reduce the risk of any skin irritations that your child can receive from diapers. 

Ingredients: Calendula infused jojoba oil, lavender, unrefined shea butter, organic coconut oil, vitamin E oil, non nano zinc. 


Green Tea Nursing Balm

Breastfeeding is a special bonding experience to have with you baby. So we've created a nourishing nursing balm to help make the process a lot smoother. Safe for both mommy and baby, the nursing balm acts as a protective barrier to help ease any unwanted pain during feeding times. 

Ingredients: Kukicha herbs, cocoa butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, unrefined shea butter, non nano zinc oxide.


Dee's Belly Butter 

A great product to have while pregnant and even afterwards. Throughout your pregnancy, your stomach will grow. The Belly Butter helps keep your tummy moisturized and hydrated which in result, aids in improving elasticity to prevent unwanted stretch marks.

Ingredients: Avocado oil, unrefined shea butter, soybean oil, tamanu oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, non nano zinc oxide.


Bath Teas                                                           

NOLA's herbal bath teas have been hand crafted to give mommy and baby some extra love and relaxation. We offer 3 different bath teas: Motherly Love, Lullaby, and Colic. 


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