Soothing  BodyWhip that will leave your skin silky and glistening.
Ingredients: Essential oils, Natural Butters, Fragrance, Mica, Love
Best use: After bath/shower.
Directions: Towel dry skin and apply externally on entire body.

Glambae- infused with vanilla, pink petals, and cinnamon apple scent. If your obsessed with this scent as we are, we also have body scrub that matches Glambae.

melanin souffle - Skintone body butter that smells like the inside of a chocolate factory. YUMMY! It doesnt taste as good as it smells. This leaves your skin feeling silky smooth .

vanilla chai spice - toasted vanilla butter with a hint of cinnamon spice 

eczema relief - a body butter specifically designed to treat severely dry skin.

peppermint patty- if you love a fresh minty scent, you will love peppermint patty. A cool refreshing scent in a soothing butter, what more could you ask for? If your a mint fanatic, pair this with our 'mintyfresh' body scrub to be minty complete.

-All body whips come in an 8OZ jar-