Ethereal Cleansing Water


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Ethereal Cleansing Water
Ethereal Cleansing Water

On-the-go dirty skin: meet your match.

A cleansing micellar water formulated with five all-natural herbs used to promote a healthy pH balance, remove impurities, and restore your skin’s moisture barrier. The Ethereal Cleansing Water can be used after the gym, while waiting for your train in the grimey subway station, or to remove a long day’s makeup. Think of this little guy as an added step for squeaky clean skin.

How to use:

  • Shake well to activate skin-loving ingredients
  • Saturate a cotton round with product. Gently sweep cotton round on face and neck.
  • This product does not replace your cleanser


+ Cleanses grime and refreshes skin while you’re on the go and conquering your day

+ Hand crafted with all-natural, cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients

+ Can be used twice daily on all skin types

KEY INGREDIENTS: View entire list of ingredients here 

ROSE: Anti-inflammatory, strengthens the skin cells and nourishes skin.

GREEN TEA: Antioxidant, helps neutralize free radicals in the skin.

CHAMOMILE: Soothes irritated skin and has antibacterial properties.

LAVENDER: Heals dry skin, promotes healthy and radiant skin.

PEPPERMINT: Cool and calming effect.

SKINCARE TIP: This cleanser is not a substitute for a face wash. At most, you should wash your face twice daily. The Ethereal Water can be used in between washes (after a work-out, for example) and/or as a makeup remover.

SIZE: 4 oz

SHELF LIFE: 8 Months 

*All items are 100% VeganCruelty-FreeParaben-FreeAlcohol-Free, and hand-crafted with love.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Age: 30-41
Skin Type: Combination
Cleansing water

So, I love this stuff... I take it with me to work to do a light mid day cleansing. It has helped reduce the breakouts on my forehead from oils and sweat that accumulate after my afternoon walk. It's great to use in between washes with the clarifying face wash. It's a permanent part of my routine now.

Does its job well

I was always interested in cleansing water and I see people use Garnier's micellar cleansing water often but i needed a vegan and cruelty free product so i avoided Garnier. when I tried Nola's cleansing water, i didn't know how to use it efficiently at first but after a few uses, i realized my makeup comes off really nicely with 1-2 cotton pads + this cleansing water. and i am an avid hot yoga yogi so it was really great to use between workouts and washing my face for the night. i highly recommend! leaves no film/residue behind either!

A gentle cleanser

I use this in conjunction with the skincare bundle and I feel like this definitely helps remove my makeup from my skin. It's a cross between a micellar water and real face wash. I literally see my foundation in the sink after using it. A little goes a long way and I'm in love !!

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