Ethereal Cleansing Water


A refreshing and pure organic rinse consisting of 5 herbs from nature that soothe, cleanse and heal the skin. 


5 Herbs:

*Rose - anti inflammatory,  strengthen the skin cells and nourishes skin

*Green tea-  antioxidant, helps neutralize free radicals in the skin

*Chamomile - soothes irritated skin, antibacterial properties

*Lavender - heals dry skin, promotes healthy and radiant skin

*Peppermint - gives skin a cool and calming effect.




  • Balance PH of skin
  • Cleanses skin of impurities
  • Helps restore the moisture barrier of skin


*Standard Skincare Tip: This cleanser is not  a substitute for a face wash. At most you should wash your face twice daily. This can be used as an in between wash and also  as a makeup remover.


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