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Meet Nola’s Bikini Bound Summer Essentials
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Meet Nola’s Bikini Bound Summer Essentials

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For some, Summer may not hit like it used to. When you were a kid, Summer meant days at the pool, going to the beach, and of course, freedom from responsibilities. But as adults, you realize Summer can be a stressful season, and it’s mainly because most are hyper-focused on their bodies. You start to regret every day you skipped the gym or every time you were too lazy to complete your skin and body routine. “Am I bikini ready?” becomes, “When do I start hair removal treatments?”, turns into, “Is it too late to treat hyperpigmentation?”. While all those things can be daunting, Nola Skinsentials still want you to enjoy the season and your body. The team at Nola is sensitive to your needs, especially when it pertains to hyperpigmentation and discoloration – so let’s get into the Summer Essentials that are packed with body-loving goodies to treat, repair, and bring back to life your love of the season. 

Case of Ingrown

Let’s take care of the embarrassing topic of ingrown hairs first – I know it can be a topic that many may not want to admit they’re dealing with but when you really breakdown how ingrown hair come into play, you realize it’s not just a “you problem”, but a problem that many struggle with. Sure, maybe some more than others, but no one is exempt without proper care and attention. An ingrown occurs when these two things happen simultaneously.

Clogged Follicles

When a hair follicle is clogged it forces the hair to curl back inside of the follicle. This is why ingrown hairs are so prevalent amongst black women because black women tend to have curlier hair strands. Ensuring your pores and hair follicles are clean and clear will help new growing hair escape the follicle safely. After removal and a gentle cleanse, use the razor bump serum to treat your skin as well as the Nola Mint To Love Body Toner which is packed with organic peppermint oil, glycolic acid, tea tree oil, and witch hazel. All ingredients work to gently exfoliate and keep pores clear.

Nolaskinsentials | Razor Bump Serum

Dry Skin

Using a body scrub is something most do normally, but when it comes to your intimate areas, you may run into an issue of those scrubs being too harsh for your bikini line. However, team Nola said, Let’s Get Intimate, literally when they created the perfect to-go scrub for your pretty P. One of the key ingredients in this scrub is White Willow Bark Extract, which helps with maintaining a bump-free bikini line and combats ingrown hairs. And with the blend of Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, and Sunflower Oil, you’re replenishing your fresh skin to remain soft and moisturized.

Nolaskinsentials | Let's Get Intimate

Discord with Discoloration

Hyperpigmentation is not our friend, she’s not that girl, and she’s not invited to the group trip or the baecation. We’re getting rid of sis - period! When it comes to getting rid of this nagging “friend” of ours, Nola has cooked up some goodies that your skin will love! Start by cleansing with the Passion Fruit Soap – it’s gentle on your skin and can be used all over to treat discoloration and blemishes you may have along your bikini line. It’s a 2-in-1 hyperpigmentation eraser and targets dark spots to enhance an evenly toned complexion. It’s formulated with Azelaic Acid which is a redness reducer and a natural skin brightener, while the blend of Lemon Peel works to remove damaged pigment.

Nolaskinsentials | Passion Fruit Hyperpigmentation Soap

If you’re looking to take your flaw-free skin to the next level, Nola has the ultimate Hottie Kit for our babes’. This kit comes complete with a Passion Fruit Soap, Brightening-C Serum, and exfoliating gloves to remove dead skin while treating your pigmented areas.

"Remove me Gently"

That’s literally what your bikini line is saying when it begins to show signs of stress – that stress being redness and irritation. We all have a preference when it comes to what works for hair removal, these preferences usually range from pain level and long-lasting results to a quick ‘n easy removal. However, whichever works for you, it’s best to utilize the method sparingly and use a professional when necessary.

Shave - The old faithful! This method may not be a fav but it gets the job done when you need a quick touch-up. We recommend using quality razors, a moisturizing shaving cream, and aloe-infused serums or oils to calm skin once your shaving session is complete. Also, shave gently and at an easy pace, this is not the treatment you want to rush – rushing can and will cause razor burn, which will lead to…you guessed it, hyperpigmentation. Slow and steady wins the race.

Wax- In the spirit of transparency, there’s no easy/pain-free way to wax. This one is for the babes’ who can handle a little pain and enjoy the pleasure of a smooth P afterward. However, “sugaring” is a gentle way to remove hair without too much tension on your most sensitive region. Applying Nola’s OG Body Oil to your freshly waxed skin to reduce redness and irritation with the help of Jojoba and Vitamin E.

Laser - This method has become the most popular, especially since it's much more a"ordable nowadays. With laser treatments, aftercare for your skin is essential, so don’t hesitate to reach for the Nola’s Razor Bump Serum to soothe and soften your skin with the blend of aloe and glycerin.

Down Time- Too much of anything is a bad thing. So please allow your skin time to rest and rejuvenate in between hair removal sessions. On those days you have to be bikini bound, let a sexy sarong be your friend while you strut around the beach or pool party.

Now, load up your cart with all pretty P goodies and flourish this Summer from a one-piece, bikini, and maybe even a micro-bikini if you’re feeling bold! The point is YOUR bikini body is ready when YOU say it is – Nola just wants to aid in you feeling confident in the skin you’re in.

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