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Iconic Elixir

This product is amazing! I’ve struggled with acne for so long and this is helping calm down my breakouts, i see a huge difference and it’s been about a month now. It dries out my pimples for me and it also makes me skin so soft. It has like a minty smell which smells great i love it. This is my holy grail!

Glycolic Cleansing Foam

I use this cleansing foam every morning. I used to two pumps. I love how light it goes on my face and how clean it makes my skin feel after washing it off. I’ve definitely noticed that my skin is smoother, clearer, and brighter. I’ve been getting so many compliments as well!

Erica K
Glycolic Night Creme

I’ve had issues with dark spots for a while and this (along with all the other Nola products I use) has helped sooo much. My face hasn’t been this clear since middle school (dead serious). Nola’s products have given me the confidence to go out without wearing make up which i used to not be able to do. If you suffer from dark spots you need to get this! (My skin is mostly oily but can be dry in the winter)


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