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Drink Up, Nolababes!
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Drink Up, Nolababes!

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If you've been indulging in your HOT GIRL SUMMER a little too much, you might need a detox. Too much fun in the sun and one too many libations can cause your skin to misbehave, so I'm going to give you Hot Girls a few smoothies to detox and replenish your skin. Treating your skin means taking care of yourself from the inside out. Yes, change your pillowcases, but also drink plenty of water and introduce healthy snacks into your diet. Fruits and veggies are the way to go and if you're a girl on the go, it might be easier to drink from the fountain of youth, aka superfood smoothies! Treat yourself to a Nolaskinsentials approved smoothie to Restore, Rejuvenate and Revitalize your skin.

Your new fav superfood is going to be the oh so affordable BANANA! I feel like bananas are a superfood that many don't talk about, but it's packing more than just potassium — all the nutrients including Vitamin C and B6 will offer a youthful, radiant glow!

Beauty Restored

Two Frozen Bananas, 2 cups of Vanilla Almond Milk, ½ tsp of ground Turmeric, half of Ginger root, and a dash of Cinnamon

Restore your skin by drinking this creamy smoothie with a spicy kick. Create this beauty elixir whenever your skin looks stressed and feels dry. While the bananas will nourish and replenish your body, the turmeric and ginger will assist with the detox and cleanse. We're vegan-friendly of course, so almond milk to the rescue to balance out the smoothie with a dash of cinnamon for warmth. For an overload of beauty restoration, use our Restore Serum to exfoliate, clarify and restore balance to your skin. Apply our blend of aloe vera to treat your dry skin, while the hyaluronic and glycolic acid work together to restore your beauty.

Glow Rejuvenated

Two Frozen Bananas, 2 cups of Coconut water, handful of Granola, and honey

Rejuvenate your skin with a sweet, hydrating treat. This glow rejuvenator was created to nourish your skin whenever it shows signs of dullness. With this recipe, you can replenish yourself with a super hydrating smoothie, packed with ingredients your skin will love. The banana will rejuvenate your skin with vitamin C and B6, while the coconut water will provide a natural glow from hydration. Not enough? Oh! You're looking to rejuvenate, rejuvenate — got it, add our signature Rejuvenate Serum to boost your glow! This serum will give a youthful look from the hyaluronic acid and offer hydration with the blend of aloe vera and tea tree oil. Take a few sips and let this smoothie work its magic on the inside while our serum handles the rest!

Skin Revitalized

Two Bananas, Almond milk, Plain Vegan Yogurt, Flaxseeds, Cinnamon

Revitalizing your skin sounds like an expensive trip to an Esthetician, but I'm going to save you a cute coin and direct you to the products we have right at home. We already have the tea on bananas, almond milk is that girl, and vegan yogurt is a healthy addition to smooth out your smoothie. If you're wondering about flaxseeds, just know those little gems add moisture to your skin, minimizes fine lines and plays an important role in anti-aging. (I’m almost positive Angela Bassett keeps flaxseeds in her clutch bag) To help you maintain your refreshed look, Nolaskinsentials has a bonus treat of course. Apply our Revitalizing Serum with aloe vera, witch hazel and hyaluronic acid, twice a day to keep your skin healthy, glowing and yes, revitalized!

Drink Up NolaBabes!

pc// beautiful smoothie graphic by: @cassiegraphics