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Hey, NOLA Babes!

Above, you'll find my "after NOLA" photo.

My name is Ashley. I’m twenty years old, from Massachusetts, and currently a student-studying management with a fashion concentration.  I’m happy to say I have also been a NOLA Babe since May.  When I first started my NOLA journey, I never thought I would have such an amazing relationship with this company.  Before NOLA, I was using drugstore skincare products from the popular brands like Neutrogena, Simple, and Shea Moisture which are filled with chemicals.  Don’t get me wrong these brands did work for a couple months and then I would stop seeing further results. Talking about your acne and hyperpigmentation isn’t the most comfortable thing to talk about my any means.  

My skin started to act out when I was a junior in high school- I’m now a junior in college. I really started to struggle with my skin the beginning of this year, and I could feel my confidence begin to suffer. I was getting so frustrated that I was spending hundreds of dollars on drugstore face washes (that’s all I was using at the time!) and I wasn’t getting results towards the clear, glowing skin I was dreaming of.

Before NOLA

I came across NOLA probably late April on Twitter.  It was the progress pictures that captured my attention, and that the products were vegan since that’s something I hadn’t tried yet. However, I was hesitant in the beginning to order from them for two main reasons.  The first being that NOLA is a small company and I was concerned about getting scammed for my money and not receiving the products, because it’s happened to me before. The second reason being the fear of spending more money on even more skincare products that might not give me the results I wanted. A couple weeks later, I decided to just order a couple of products and try them out.  The first two products I ordered were the witches brew toner, and iconic elixir.  I instantly fell in love with how these products complimented each other. Within a few weeks I noticed improvement in my skin. So, I then went and ordered different products to add to my routine.  Today, I rarely break out, and the redness and hyperpigmentation has all improved. My top three products would be the clarifying face wash, witches brew toner, and the hyperpigmentation serum with an honorable mention to the glycolic night crème.  My skin still isn’t perfect, but now I am focusing on improving the hyperpigmentation that is still left behind.

 In September, NOLA hosted a giveaway under the hashtag BeNOLA the prize being a gift card! All that you had to do was be creative and take some product pictures. I had a vision for the mini product photo shoot I did for the iconic elixir and hyperpigmentation serum. I wanted to incorporate the rest of my NOLA collection, but was short for time.  My vision was taking pictures in the nature- it only made sense because NOLA is natural! I ripped flowers off a bush in my yard and placed them around the products on a tree stump. I was extremely proud of how the pictures came out and I won the giveaway!

NOLA is an amazing company- and not only because of their products.  I have reached out to NOLA on many different occasions about orders, products, and what would work for my skin. And every time I reached out to them I always heard from them quickly. I think the reason a lot of people stray away from small companies is because they’re concerned about the processing/shipping times, and customer service. I can honestly say from my experience with NOLA you have nothing to worry about! I know I was hesitant at first and I stated my reasons why, but I’m glad I didn’t listen to those reasons and ordered from NOLA and my skin is happy about it too!                  


xoxo Ashley


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