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Monday's Blog
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Monday's Blog

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Monday's suck, but yours doesn't have to! 

I’m sure we can all recall that moment – waking up to a hideous face, wondering “what the heck happened to my face?”

So now you’re pretty much hyperventilating over your sudden dry spots, overbearing oiliness, and that huge zit that popped up overnight. But don’t fret, I have a few solutions to help you jump start your week that’ll leave you feeling refreshed!

Washing your face seems basic, like if you don’t cleanse your face is it really that big of a deal? Yes, the answer is yes.  Regardless of that super exhausting day you’ve just had; no matter how bad you just want to crawl in bed – don’t!

Wash away all those impurities from throughout the day and I promise your skin will thank you sooner rather than later.

Scrub a-dub-dub

Say hello to exfoliation – Your weekly dose of sugary scrubs! (always remember sugar over salt. Sugar particles are smaller than salt, which help reduce the likeliness of skin irritations). Although exfoliating isn’t needed as much as your daily cleanser, it’s still a very important part of radiant skin.

Tony, Toni, Tone

I’m sure half of you won’t catch what I did there – totally fine, just catch this:

Toning can help shrink pores, gives you an added layer of protection, reduces scars … honestly, I can go on and on about the many benefits toning holds for your skin. My favorite part? When the tea tree oil from our Witches Brew gives me that little tingle of cleanse, because then I know it’s working! So, grab a bottle and set the tone for your Monday morning. Talk about refreshing!


Hydrate & Conquer the World!

You may or may not have noticed those few dry spots on your face or maybe a pile full of oil? Newsflash: yes, dry skin can be oily skin. Here’s #NolaTip – if you suffer from dry skin, your face could very well overcompensate and begin to produce more oils throughout your face as a cry for help. Start your week off with a boost of hydration the NOLA way. Try our Ginseng Toner, Rosé Hydration Mist, and Hydra-Moisturizing Creme for ultimate hydration. 



The Nola Team