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    Vegan Eats with NOLA
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    Vegan Eats with NOLA

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    There's nothing like a good family gathering, am I right? Friends, family, cold beverages, dips in the pool and not to mention ... barbecue! 
    But, you don't eat meat so where does that leave you? Isolated? Not on our watch! So you prefer a more plant-based diet and don't always have something to bring and grill up with your friends. Well, that's what we're here for! And after you read this post, I bet we can all agree that the days for bland vegan dishes are all long gone. Whether you're gathering for Juneteenth or the Fourth of July, these dishes are guaranteed lots of fun and celebration! 

    Here are a couple of our favorites, just click the names of the dishes for the recipes!


    Portobello Sliders

    Little baby VEGAN versions of burgers? We'll take them! Here's a plant-based slider everyone is sure to enjoy.

    Vegan BBQ Tofu Burger

    Tofu isn't necessarily everyone's favorite cup of tea but , rest assured this recipe is definitely a crowd pleaser. Go ahead, give it a try!

    Jamaican Jerk Grilled Corn

    Because, duh... Who doesn't love corn? Did we mention this recipe had an amazing burst of Jamaican flavor?

    Cheesy Vegan BBQ Potato Skins

    I'm almost 100% certain you can never go wrong with potatoes, and to add cheese to the equation? Voila ... a match made in heaven!

    Sweet and Spicy Black Vegan Burger

    Spicy meets sweet, yet again another dynamics duo that's definitely not defeated! The sweet and spicy black bean vegan burger, literally mimics a regular burger down to the texture AND flavor! Bring this dish to any gathering and watch everyone thank you!

    Garlic and Herb Mixed Veggie Grill Recipe

    Simple, but definitely not basic. You can almost never go wrong with a dish jam-packed with colorful, yet tasteful veggies! Try this spin on a classic favorite!

    Try making a few of these dishes for your next gathering, we're sure they're items that everyone can love. Be sure to tag us in the dishes you make. Happy Eating!


    The NOLA Team