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Everything You Need to Know About Our Pumpkin Enzyme Mask
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Everything You Need to Know About Our Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

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Made with real pumpkin, this mask is a powerful, yet gentle, antioxidant making it a less abrasive approach to exfoliation. If you normally skip out on exfoliating because scrubs and beads are typically too harsh and toxic, we get it. Us too. Which is why we specially formulated this enzymatic mask with all natural pumpkin to create a magical exfoliant that was gentle on skin with drastic results and safe for the environment. 

This mask is jam-packed with enzymes and antioxidants, to help reduce the look of congestion and gently exfoliates for softer and more supple skin.

Pro tip: exfoliation not only improves the texture of your skin, it also allows your products to penetrate the skin better. Meredith Brown, a clinical esthetician at the acclaimed practice of Julie Russak, MD, explains that exfoliating also "allows for better product penetration, as those dead cells act as a barrier on the surface."

So, what else makes this an incredible natural skincare mask?

Fights free radicals

Free radicals are unstable molecules that cause inflammation, disease, and biochemical aging in the body; especially wrinkling and sagging of the skin. Basically, free radicals are like gremlins to the body. Pumpkin is naturally packed with fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which speeds skin cell turnover, for brighter and smoother skin. This mask packs a strong antioxidant boost derived from pumpkin, which neutralizes free radicals before they can cause any damage.

Handcrafted with all-natural, cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients

“Whatever you choose to put on your skin, natural or otherwise, will eventually find it's way into your body ... for better or for worse.” - Mind Body Green

At NOLASKINSENTIALS, we prioritize healthy skin as a lifestyle, that's why all our products are 100% plant-based, 100% cruelty-free and 100% hand-crafted. We're committed to your skin!

Transitioning to non-toxic skin care products plays a huge role in reducing exposure to harmful toxins. We’ve all seen the documentaries about toxins found in food, but unsafe toxins are not exempt from skincare products. Toxins can also be found in your skin care products which is why we always vow to keep it vegan, and keep it natural, all the time.

Gentle enough for sensitive skin

This mask is made with real pumpkin which is a powerful, yet gentle, antioxidant —perfect for those with sensitive skin who still want a powerful product! Cater to your skin type while maximizing the benefits of this mask by incorporating it into your weekly skin regimen.
● Normal skin: Once weekly.
● Sensitive skin: Once every other week.

Enzymes are much gentler than scrubs. Some scrubs can be too abrasive for sensitive skin; and when used improperly on normal skin, they can still cause damage. Most enzymes also have anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritation, making them the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin.

Learn how to use and purchase here and thanks for reading!


The NOLA Team