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    LISA BONET: The Vegan Fashionista
    · · 1 comment

    LISA BONET: The Vegan Fashionista

    · · 1 comment

    If you guys tuned into our engagement post on Twitter, Monday afternoon, you would have seen the many TV fashionistas we had up for vote. One of which is our very own ... 

    Before there was Fran or Carrie Bradshaw, there was the trendy, care-free never studying student, Denis Huxtable. Although America related with her character; We here at NOLA fell in love with the real life Boho Chic-Badass VEGAN, Lisa B. 

    Through every episode, Denise never disappointed. She showed us how to color block, layer, accessorize, and strut in our shoulder pads all within a single outfit. But, what do you expect? She had one of the best teachers around. The one and only, Claire Huxtable! Yes, yes we know... This post is supposed to be about the fashionable Mrs. Lisa Bonet. But, who would we be to not pay homage to the one who started it all? The MUVA .. 

    We can go through a list of why we all love Lisa, I mean seriously! Independent, carefree, stylish, wife to the eye catching, Jason Momoa, but wait... Did we mention -- Vegan? You probably could have guessed it a mile away, but if you didn't know the sitcom star is, all about putting food in her body that nourishes. Her words, not ours. 

    As if we couldn't love her enough already, Bonet's morally-conscious efforts came about after having children. Lisa vowed to raise her children in a Vegan, television-free home. I know, pretty weird right? The sitcom star not allowing her kids to watch tv? Especially because daughter, Zoe is now pursuing her acting career. 

    “The messages [on TV] are loud and clear about what we are supposed to look like and need. I didn’t want that as a distraction.”

    Although she may indulge in the Olympics, one thing is for sure... She won't be indulging in any foods that aren't nourishing to both her and her family. Same rules apply to her skin! I mean - Duh! You guys knew we'd cover her skincare routine, after all she's been ageless for years now. And yep, you guessed it. Her routine is pretty simple, which is another NOLA bonus, because how many times have we told our babes -- less is more?

    So you like coconut oil huh?

    Here's the real catch and if you don't listen to us, maybe you'll listen to her. She loves her coconut oil, but never on the face. Read that? Great, once more for the people in the back ... never on the face! Using natural and active items to "keep the cells turning over at night" Lisa chooses to go for Pumpkin cleansers, apricot scrubs and serums. So look, we're going to need y'all to let sis know we offer all that, okay?

    Whatever your obsession with her, one thing is for sure! We all love Lisa! Whether it be her super stylish ways, the way she embodies what it means to be free-spirited, the fact that she's vegan, or is it her hella handsome husband? Whatever the case, she has us sold! We've all watched her in awe for years, and now we're watching her mini-me, Zoe in action as well. But, let's be clear... They'll never be another Lisa Bonet!

    What are some of your favorite looks or episodes from the Cosby/A Different World? Let us know on Twitter! (@nolask_sentials)


    The NOLA team