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    Meet Demetria, Our #PRSpecialist
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    Meet Demetria, Our #PRSpecialist

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    Hey, Nola Babes!

    I almost feel like there’s no need for an introduction. How come? – Glad you asked!

    Remember the skin consultation you had? The email that you received regarding PR? Or what about the mentions you get from NOLA’s Twitter account? Yep – you guessed it, that’s me!

    Demetria, the 24-year-old, loud-mouth, Southern Louisiana Belle! Yes, you read right. I’m from the deep, wide spread Louisiana Bayous! So, for those of you asking is NOLA, a New Orleans based company? – No, but I sure do add the down south, Creole flavor to our company!

    Feel like family, now right? Ha! Of course, you do, that’s the goal here at Nolaskinsentials. Brought on by our #GirlBoss, Jane, back in June I’ve since then taken on many roles here. Most recently, my favorite which allows me to interact with you all—being the PR Specialist for NOLA.

    In my earlier years, actually – let’s be honest. A few months back, although I hate to admit. I was the “drink water and slather yourself in coconut oil” girl. The skin gods were clearly looking out because I’m here to tell you ... put down the coconut oil! I’ve never really suffered with acne, but with much thanks to NOLA; I soon learned that there were ways I could still improve not only my skin, but my skincare routine as well.

    But it didn’t stop there – Nola has afforded me the opportunity to not only improve my skin, but improve the products that mom’s worldwide  (because, yes we ship internationally) could enjoy! Moms? What does any of this have to do with moms? … Let’s backtrack, shall we?

    Meet this cutie!

     He’s our OFFICIAL Nolababe, my babe, my world, my son – Jayce Asir. 

    Jayce was the inspiration behind our Mommy Collection. Although, becoming a mom brings A LOT of joy, it also carries a lot of worry as well. However, I was fortunate to be a part of something quite bigger than myself. Here at NOLA we curated products that are both safe for mommy and baby. 

    So if you know any new mommy's or soon-to be's remember to shop NOLA's Mommy Collection for a few products to help ease their minds! My go-to? The Herbal Bath Teas, it's essential for new mom's to take that 15 mins of alone time throughout the day!

    I know, I know. You're probably wondering what's my favorite non-mommy product? Well, I have three! Without a doubt, my favs are our Green Tea Antioxidant Mask, Pumpkin and Vanilla Bean Exfoliant, and the Brown Sugar Babe Butter Cleanse -- I mean have you guys smelt that stuff? 

    Lots of love,