Accutane Survival Guide:

If you've fought the good fight with severe acne, like many of us do; We're pretty certain you've heard of the hail mary, mother of all acne zapers — Accutane. If you haven't, no worries. That's what we're here for!

What is Accutane and how do I get it?

Accutane, (which by the way no longer goes by that name on the market), is a pretty potent drug prescribed to those with moderate to severe acne concerns and can be prescribed by your dermatologist. The drug is in fact so strong, that you have to go through 2 false pregnancy tests, actively use 2 forms of birth control and lastly fill out a whole heap of a lot of paperwork. However, the end results have shown to be worth the while. Average patients can expect to be on Accutane for up to 4 months at a time, but this period varies from person-to-person and is based on the severity of your acne concerns. 

Holy Grail Products While on Accutane.

Side-effects of Accutane typically include harsh dryness, peeling and flakiness.  So, you want to make certain that your routine is super hydrating and most importanly, simple! We've gathered a few products that'll be staple in your routine while using the prescription, Accutane. 

The Pumpkin Vanilla Bean Exfoliant, which is made with organic sugar makes for a great, gentle scrub for the skin to help combat dry, flaky skin. The Rosado Flower Bar is suitable for dry skin types and paired with the Rose Hydration Mist makes for some seriously hydrated skin. Most importantly, the Hydra Creme, which like the Rose Mist can be applied at anytime during the day to provide maximum hydration. 

Our Vegan Kisses Lip Exfoliant and Ultra Gloss are an easy go-to. Majority of those on Accutane have reported dry, cracked lips. Luckily for you, we've got an entire lip kit to help keep your pout supple! The Ginseng Aloe Toner is not only a hydrating toner, but it soothes the skin. And afterall, when using such a strong prescription, our skin can use an extra boost of TLC. Lastly, we have the Brightening C Serum. The whole point of Accutane is to clear up acne, but in the event you're left with a few acne scars and discoloration, the Brightening C Serum will most certainly be your best friend. 

Have you tried Accutane, what are your thoughts? We'd love to hear from you!


The NOLA Team

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