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    NOLA Products by Skin Type
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    NOLA Products by Skin Type

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    We all love shopping, but when it comes to shopping for skincare — aside from already painful breakouts, finding the right skincare regimen can be a pain as well. With so many options to choose from, almost impossible to properly treat your skin without knowing what your type is. So, how do you find out which products are right for you?

    We’ll be breaking down a few common skin types, how to test your skin and what would be great additions to your routine to aid in providing you with healthy, manageable skin! 

    Oily or Dry.

    Having an increase in oil production/sebum usually causes congestion, acne and clogged pores throughout the skin so for most, they’ll skip that last moisturizing step to avoid any excess oiliness. However, lack of moisture and naturally produced oils can cause dryness which can then lead to wrinkles and fine lines. 

    Skin check: Throughout the day, do you notice an increase in oiliness throughout your skin or is it relatively normal? Wash and pat dry your face, using a face napkin, gently press against your skin. Do you notice the napkin soaking up extra oils? If not, you most likely have normal-dry skin. 

    Products: For dry skin, proper hydration is imperative. Both inside and out, make certain your water intake has been increased and you’re becoming bff’s with ultra-hydrating products. Our go-to? Hyaluronic Aloe Cleanser, Rose Hydration Mist, and the Hydra Creme

    For those with oily skin, an ingredient that hasn’t let us down is charcoal. It absorbs sebum and toxins to help with a smooth, matte finish. And speaking of a mattifying mist doesn’t hurt either. But make certain your skin is still properly hydrated! Try these fan favs: Charcoal Flower Bar, Charcoal Mask, Witches Brew Toner, Hyaluronic H2O Crème, Cucumber Mattifying Mist.


    If your skin is easily irritated or inflamed, chances are — it’s sensitive. You want to make certain to avoid unnecessary chemicals and lengthy skincare routines. Always remember, less is more when it comes to your skin. Sensitive skin can be caused by many environmental factors such as: allergies and hormones. 

    Skin check: Have you noticed that your skin is red to touch? Or maybe skincare items with artificial fragrances? Do certain products tend to burn and cause irritation even minutes after product use?

    Products: A clean, simple routine is always best for those with sensitive skin. Luckily for you, we have quite a few items that are compatible with sensitive skin and even help to soothe irritation/redness. The Real You Jelly Cleanser, Ginseng Aloe Toner, Green Tea Mask, Hydra Crème

    Combination + Acne Prone.

    If you’re combination skin type and needed a quick boost, congrats! Those with combination skin types are fairly common. Typically, you’ll notice some oiliness in a few areas where others may be dry. Whereas those with acne prone skin types may notice congestion and cystic breakouts which occur often. 

    Skin check: Do you find that your skin gets oily in only certain spots, whereas it may be dry in others? Mainly your t-zone where most of your oil glands are? If so, you’re more than likely combination skin type. Maybe you feel like there’s literally a pimple popping up overnight, or having the sudden urge to find your favorite concealer to cover up a blemish. Chances are, you’re battling acne prone skin. 

    Products: For combination skin types, the skincare world is on your side. It’s easy to find items that’ll help balance your skin. One notable tip to remember is not to over cleanse the skin! Here’s a few products that are great for our babes with combination skin. Clarifying Cleansing Foam, DulseFlora Toner, Hyaluronic H2O Crème

    NOLA products are no match for the woes of acne and scarring they may bring. Although lots of factors tie into causing a new breakout, here’s a few items that’ll help combat that issue: Glycolic Cleansing Foam, Witches Brew Toner, Pumpkin Enzyme Mask and the Brightening C Serum.

    And if you're still having trouble finding products that you believe are best suited for you, we offer free skin consultations. One-on-one girl chat, schedule with our NOLA experts today! 


    The NOLA Team