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Kombucha, who?
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Kombucha, who?

· · Comments
Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast — what?

Well, before we get into that. Answer us this question: How do you normally take your tea? Cream or sugar? Or how about, fermented bacteria? Yep, you heard right! Kombucha, the drink that's full of bacteria. But, before you get worked up; If it counts for anything, it's actually the good stuff!

Finally earning it's moment in the spotlight, but hardly new to the show; Kombucha has quickly grown to be one of the most popular drinks with promised health perks. So since you're already here, lets get into everything Kombucha before taking your first sip, shall we?

Why is Kombucha a thing?

Could it be a conscience lifestyle change? We believe so, kombucha offers many health benefits by intaking the healthy stuff since our bodies (our intestines to be exact) produces its own good bacteria, which comes very close to the probiotics found in the drink. Aside from promoting a healthy gut and removing a cold amongst many other things. How accessible the drink is, makes it even more the rage. 

Now, although it sounds great to be able to brew up your own batch right in your kitchen, to us not so medically inclined, put down the bacteria and purchase a batch from the store. Got it? Great!

So, what's the truth?

Do we believe the hype? Is kombucha really the "health fixer?" Is it really helping people elevate stress one sip at a time, or is it all just a concoction brewed up and served as an old wives’ tale?

Well, the healthline has spoken and we've taken heed. And although this brew offers many positive health benefits, one thing is for sure ... don't have too much! Drinking too much too soon can result in heart burn and too many quickly absorbed calories, read more about it here.

Thinking of giving kombucha a try? Be sure to tag NOLA and tell us all about your experience, we'd love to know! 


The NOLA Team

 pc// from our friends over at @bigeasybucha