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Stay Dewy: 5 Hydrating Products for Dry Skin
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Stay Dewy: 5 Hydrating Products for Dry Skin

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 A harsh winter and a change in weather can leave your skin dull, dry, flaky, and lacking its normal radiance. Also, the stress of a new year,  with new goals can wreak havoc on your natural glow. If you’re showing signs of dehydrated skin, or feeling a bit too textured, it may be time to nourish your skin with hydrating products. It’s normal to switch up your skincare routine from warm to colder weather, to maintain healthy skin and a gorgeous glow, (especially when temperatures are low). Adding more creams, oils, and hydrating serums to your regimen is the boost your skin needs to increase your moisture levels. So I’ve put together a regimen that will not only replenish hydration but will also enhance the overall health of your skin. These particular products are plant-based and were formulated with healthy skin in mind. So, please feel comfortable knowing your skin is being treated with natural ingredients. I believe in glowing from dusk to dawn, season to season, because Nolababes don’t take days off, so neither should you. Let’s get into these five hydrating products to keep your skin looking dewy.


No-Strip Hydration 

A hydrating cleanser is the first step to revitalizing your skin. Using a product with moisturizing ingredients will not only cleanse the skin without stripping it any further but also replenish it with nourishing hydration. When looking for a hydrating cleanser, skip a foam wash and reach for a cream, or milk-based cleanser. Nola Skinsentials Hyaluronic Aloe Cleanser is a plant-based cream cleanser that is perfect to use daily. While this face wash was created for dry skin, it can be used on combination skin as well due to being a gentle wash that doesn’t clog pores. Ingredients like coconut milk, mango butter, hyaluronic acid, and aloe, infused in your cleanser will offer a moisturizing cleanse and leave your skin feeling supple and quenched. 

Nolaskinsentials | Hyaluronic Aloe Cleanser 


Give your skin a “Boost” 

After a nourishing cleanse, using a skin essence will help to build on your hydration and enhance the look of your dewy skin. If you’ve never heard of or used a skin essence, let me give you a few details to ensure you add this step to your regimen. The beauty of using an essence lies in the fact that it’s both restoring and preparing your skin for moisture. When used after cleansing and toning, the essence plays the role of restoring and maintaining hydration in your skin and when applied before serums and moisturizers, it acts as a prep, allowing your skin to easily absorb the nutrients in each product. Using Nola Skinsentials Barrier Boosting Kiwi Essence will help to repair your damaged moisture level and rebuild a stronger protective barrier with ceramides. Adding a few drops to the palm of your hand and patting into the skin after cleansing, will provide your skin with a juicy dose of hydration. 

Nolaskinsentials | Barrier Boosting Kiwi Essence


Glow before you Go!

 A wise woman once said, “Your day will only be as good as you look”, it’s me…I’m the wise woman! While this may not be full-proof, just imagine if you could dictate how amazing your day would be based on how amazing you look. With that being said, having a morning routine for your skin is essential not only for the health of your skin but also in the way it makes you feel. When you feel good, you look good and you want to show it off. Whether you’re going into the office or jumping on a zoom call, you don’t want your skin to give “winter blues”. With Nola Skinsentials you can give your co-workers or the cutie at the coffee shop a glow that's worthy of glory. The Morning Glory serum was created with Rose Water, Aloe, and Glycerin, and provides the skin with increased moisture. 

Lastly, the use of niacinamide aids in treating skin discoloration, allowing you to skip foundation when used regularly. 

Nolaskinsentials | Morning Glory


Stay Bright and Refreshed 

When treating dull skin, you can never forget to tend to your under eyes. A nourishing eye cream can moisturize, de-puff, and revitalize any signs of tired eyes. Yes, using an all-over moisturizer is helpful, but the skin under our eyes is extremely sensitive and susceptible to the treatment it receives. If you neglect this area, signs of aging, wrinkles, and puffiness will appear, so I suggest spoiling this special area with its own cream. Using the Arame Nourishing Eye Cream from Nola Skinsentials will give your under eyes a soothing layer of hydration which will brighten and combat dark circles. 

Nolaskinsentials | Arame Nourishing Eye Cream


Lock in Moisture

 The last step to maintaining hydrated skin and serving a dewy glow is to use a moisturizer that will lock in all the goodness from your prep work. After toning your skin, applying your essence, a hydrating serum, and eye cream – using an ultra-moisturizing day or night cream is necessary. The Hydra Creme is your perfect go-to – it’s a lightweight moisturizer that your skin will drink in quickly while not leaving it thirsty. It was created for dry skin, uber-hydrating, and perfect for those moments where you need to restore moisture.


*Pro-Tip: Allow your skin to absorb each product before moving on to the next step. I suggest waiting 30-60 seconds to let your skin enjoy each product while layering for the best results. 

Nolaskinsentials | Hydra Creme


Skin Consultation with Nola 

Knowing which ingredients are beneficial and what may work for your skin type is important when creating a regimen for yourself.  If you’re new to skincare and need a little assistance, sign up for a skin consultation so the team at Nola Skinsentials can get you and your skin on the path to glowing! If you’re concerned about how to budget a new skincare routine, Nola has try-me sizes which allow you to try out new products and treat your skin without breaking the bank. 


The start to healthy and glowing skin is one consultation away!