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    Hyperpigmentation 101: How to Treat, Combat, and Restore your Skin 
    · · Comments

    Hyperpigmentation 101: How to Treat, Combat, and Restore your Skin 

    · · Comments

    With social media, Instagram filters, and photoshopping apps, there’s a lot of pressure to have flawless skin that’s blemish-free, acne-free, and free from any signs of discoloration. Let me start by saying this pressure is unnecessary but if you’re finding yourself face-tuning away blemishes and hyperpigmentation, I want to suggest treating your skin first before tending to a photo. This is a no judgment zone because, yes, I know how fun IG filters can be, but I don't want the health of your skin to get left behind. In this article, we’ll discuss what hyperpigmentation is, how to treat it, product recommendations, and luckily for you, we’re not only treating the skin on your face but your entire body. 


    What is Hyperpigmentation?

    Hyperpigmentation is something that affects women of color, especially black women the most, and it’s caused by excess production of melanin. This overproduction of melanin can be triggered by sun damage or hormones, which is something women often see during their pregnancy. It can affect your face, knees, elbows, and neck area. Some forms of hyperpigmentation can also come from a change in weight and skin friction.


    How to Treat it?

    As I stated earlier in this article, I want to cover the treatment of hyperpigmentation from your face to your body, and thankfully, I have a product that can tend to both areas. Like most skin and body routines, treating your hyperpigmentation also starts with cleansing. Nola Skinsentials created a Passion Fruit Hyperpigmentation Soap that’s gentle enough to be used on both your face and body. This soap bar is an ultra-gentle lightening soap that works to remove the look of dark marks with consistent use. This bar of skincare goodness is infused with Nola’s Brightening-C Serum, as well as a redness-reducing azelaic acid and lemon citrus peel. These powerhouse ingredients will target dark spots, blemishes, and scars gently, without any harsh chemicals or lightening agents. 



    Why do you need it?

    To achieve gorgeous, healthy, and hydrated skin, of course! Aside from decreasing signs of hyperpigmentation, this soap bar is perfect because it doesn’t add another step to your routine.  Just lather up as you normally would in the shower and apply it to your face and body. This soap bar was created with olive oil and coconut oil, so you’re not only cleansing and treating your skin, but you’re replenishing its moisture level and walking away with hydrated skin. 

    Passion Fruit Hyperpigmentation Soap


    Who can use it?

    Not only is this bar gentle enough to be used on your skin and body, but it's also beneficial for all skin types. The ingredients allow for a gentle cleanse without clogging pores, so it’s oily-skin friendly and doesn’t strip the skin of moisture, making it hydrating for those with dry skin. However, don’t just take my word for it, let’s get into how the Nolababes who have used the product feel about it. 


    From the Mouths of Babes’

    One customer with Dry Skin says, 


    “Within a week of using the soap, my skin was glowing and it was helping my darken armpits. It’s literally the only soap I use on my skin now.”


    One customer with Combination Skin says, 

    “Halfway through my first bar and already see a difference in my skin! Definitely repurchasing another when this one's done.”


    One customer with Oily Skin says, 

    2nd Review

    “Been using it for 2 months now. The dark spots on my back are getting lighter. I'm sticking to this one forever! I truly believe I will be able to wear a tank top outside by summer for the first time in years yayyy lol”


    When to Expect Results

    With any skin treatment, time and continued use will determine how well your skin adapts and begins to show changes. Realistically I would say 4-8 weeks but this can vary per person based on their skin type and skin concerns. Hyperpigmentation can be more severe for some, so please be patient and kind to yourself during this process. You’ve already taken the first step to treat your discoloration, so stay consistent and positive! A great product to pair with the Passion Fruit Soap Bar is Nola Skinsentials Brightening C Serum for your skin and the Mint to Love Body Toner for an all-over body spray after your shower. To maximize on consistency I would suggest ordering the 1-month supply of the Passion Fruit Hyperpigmentation Soap, which comes with two bars. However, if you’re looking to just sample the product to see how it works for you, there’s also a try-me size available, but we’re sure you’ll be back to stock up! 

     Passion Fruit Hyperpigmentation Soap


    How to Properly Store

    For the best results, it’s important to store this particular soap properly – this isn’t your traditional soap bar so it can’t be treated as such. After every use, store your soap inside the box it arrived in, as it’s not to be left inside your shower area or left sitting in water. Place it back inside the box and store it with the rest of your skincare products. 


    Skincare Recap 

    Treating hyperpigmentation, dark spots from scarring, and discoloration takes not only an amazing product but consistency. With the Passion Fruit Hyperpigmentation Soap, you have a product that works, and can easily be incorporated into a routine you already handle daily. With it being formulated with gentle ingredients, it’s safe to use on all skin types. It can be used to cleanse your skin and treat acne scars, as well as your body to treat hyperpigmentation and scarring from back and chest acne. I suggest the 1-month supply which includes two bars to maintain your consistency and treatment regimen, and while results vary from person to person, it’s realistic to start seeing results within 4-8 weeks. Adding a vitamin C serum to your routine as a follow-up product will only enhance your results, and storing this special soap bar properly will allow the bar to last longer and the ingredients to have a long-lasting staying power. 


    If you’re ever in need of skincare tips or looking to join the Nola Babe Gang, follow Nola Skinsentials on Instagram.