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    The Glow-Up Rewards Program

    The Glow-Up Rewards Program


    We at Nolaskinsentials are all about Glowing and Glowing up, so we created a Rewards Program that will treat YOU, every time you treat your skin!

    How does it work?

    Simply sign up at, and with every purchase made your points will unlock the key to clean, clear and healthy skin!

    Ways to earn points: 

    • Shop with us, of course! 
    • Follow us on Social Media – Twitter, IG and Facebook. Hey girl, hey!
    • Share your birthday -- especially if you like surprises.
    • Refer us to a friend! Spill the tea on Nolaskinsentials to girlfriends, co-workers, and even Bae! They will receive 10% off their purchase and you’ll receive $10 off yours.


    With each purchase, you will not only glow, but glow up in your ranking. You’ll be treating yourself to the gift of amazing skin and spoiled with discounts, that will keep your skincare mini fridge stocked.

    First Tier: NOLABABE

    As a NolaBabe, you’re a newbie to the tribe and introducing yourself to our line — with these rewards, you can treat yourself to gorgeous skin and more!

    • $5 on your FIRST purchase.
    • Early access to sales and new products!
    • And for every $1 spent, you'll receive 1x point. 

    Second Tier: VIP (600 points)

    As a Nola VIP, you already have your favorite cleanser, serum and go to mask at your fingertips, but you’re always on the look-out for new products and love a good restock. We see you and we’re treating you to…

    • 20% off EVERY order, single-items ONLY, no minimum (Splurge Sis!)
    • Early access to sales and new products!
    • And for every $1 spent, you'll receive 2x points.

    Third Tier: ELITE (1000 points)

    As a Nola Elite, we want you to continue to build your collection and maintain your glow with discounts, points and goodies at your doorstep. We can’t say thank you enough but we can try with….

    • 25% off ALL single items, anytime — no minimum. Owww! 
    • Early access to sales and new products. 
    Like what you've just read and interested in joining our rewards program? Don't forget to sign up here!