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    The Recipe to a Flawless Routine
    · · Comments

    The Recipe to a Flawless Routine

    · · Comments

    In a recent interview, NOLA had the pleasure of speaking with one of our personal favorite chefs and did we mention she creates all vegan dishes? If you haven't already checked our her recipes, you can purchase her cookbook here. Here's what Char had to say about her journey with NOLA.

    How do NOLA products fit into your vegan lifestyle?

    NOLA products fit my vegan lifestyle perfectly because the products are all vegan + cruelty-free. It is great to know that the ingredients in the products will help treat and heal my skin while not harming my skin, animals and the environment. 
    What's your favorite ingredient shared both in your skincare routine and your dishes? 
    The Pumpkin enzyme mask paired with my pumpkin cupcakes w/ cinnamon glaze from my digital cookbook, Simply Char's Special Vegan Treats and Dishes, helps provide my skin with the luminous glow I love. 
    What are your go-to products right now?
    Hmm.....I only use NOLA skincare now in both my daytime and nightime routines so I will just share some of my all-time favorites:
    - Barrier Boosting Kiwi Essence
    - Brighter Days Daily Cleanser
    - Brightening- C Serum 
    - Porefect 
    - Pumpkin Enzyme Mask
    - Glycolic Night Creme
    How did you originally become a Nolababe?
    Someone shared one of NOLA's tweets on my timeline almost 2 years ago and I instantly followed when I saw that NOLA was a black woman owned business that sold vegan & cruelty-free products. I was sold from there! I purchased a few things just randomly and I fell in love with the products. Now, I just rave about them whenever I am asked about my skincare routine. 


    If you're a Nolababe wanting to share your experience. Submit an entry to us — we'd be thrilled to hear from you!