Toner Water


Herbal petals: Rose water based toner with lavender, tea tree oil, calendula and other beneficial ingredients.
Rose water has anti-inflammatory benefits which helps reduce redness and irritation. Toner is perfect for Normal skin that just needs some extra love.


Witches Brew: Witch-hazel helps close pores and tighten your skin.
Tea tree aides in reducing the appearance of acne scares and marks. Toner is perfect for Acne Prone-Oilyskin. 

*For Witches brew , No more than two sprays should be used in one application. Keep away from eye area. For easier application, apply with a cotton swab*

Ginseng Aloe: Pure Aloe Vera  that helps reduce skin inflammation. Ginseng roots are rich in antioxidants and vitamins which are skin healers. It also helps reduce acne and hydrate the skin which is perfect for Dry skin

Directions: Use twice daily after cleansing. Do not dry, toner will soak into skin. Follow up with moisturizer of your choice. 

Doesn't contain any harmful ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, please let me know before purchasing.


*Colors may differ due to your viewing screen.

Color :
Witches Brew
Ginseng Aloe
Witches brew 8oz


Customer Reviews

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This witches brew toned water is actually crafted by a goddess. Had it for under a week and literally changed my life.

in love

i have the aloe toner and combined with the face wash it has worked miracles! ive been using it for almost a month and my skin has taken a drastic amazing turn. i recommend this to everyone.

Not for me

I decided to try out the witches brew toner after seeing so many good reviews on it; however after using it about 5 times it just makes my skin feel too tight, dry and burns. I really wanted this to work out for me but i guess it's not for everyone

Just what I was looking for!!

The Witches Brew toner, is one of the best toners, I've tried, I keep in the the fridge, perfect for a cool mist on these hot summer days. I am very oily, especially in the summer, this controls my oil perfectly.

The Best!

I use it after I shower everyday alone and my face has seen some dramatic changes in such a little time! I love it!