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3 Tips to Help Your Skin Survive Halloweekend
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3 Tips to Help Your Skin Survive Halloweekend

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Are you as excited for Halloween as we are?

Carved pumpkins, haunted houses, elaborate costumes, spooky makeup and perfectly bite-sized candy everywhere you go—what’s not to love? We know some of you will be showcasing your creativity by going heavy on the cosmetics, so we wanted to share some tips to help you avoid irritating skin or prompting breakouts.

TIP #1Don’t Hit the Hay with Your Zombie Face On

You might be a few glasses of wine deep when you come home from your Saturday night costume party, but make sure to take the time to wash your makeup off, especially if you used any face-paint, liquid latex, or fake blood. Most Halloween makeup contains various waxes, oils, pigments and silicone's designed to help it last longer, meaning it will be more stubborn about sticking to your face.

Going to bed with your makeup on means more than runny mascara and dirty pillowcases come morning. It means waking with clogged, irritated pores. Sleeping with makeup increases exposure to free radicals, leading to collagen breakdown and accelerated skin aging, can cause dryness and irritation of the eyes, leaves eyelashes brittle and more susceptible to shedding, and dries out lips.  

The bottom line is we shouldn’t be waking up looking spookier than the night before. Luckily, we’ve got exactly what you need to cleanse your skin.

Ethereal Cleansing Water

Made of rose (anti-inflammatory), green tea (anti-oxidant), chamomile (soothes irritated skin), lavender (heals dry skin) and peppermint (cools and calms), this pure organic rinse removes impurities while restoring moisture and balancing skin pH. Stock up on organic cotton pads and Q-tips, then use it to remove makeup, before cleansing.

Clarifying Face Wash

A mixture of organic castile, cannabis sativa, black willow bark extract, sage extract and tea tree oil, this face wash tackles deep pore cleansing, melting those layers of cakey make-up from your pores without stripping away moisture. Use two pumps and lather over face for at least 45 seconds.

TIP #2Trust in Tape to Combat Glitter

Even the biggest glitter aficionados must admit—this stuff is impossible to get off. So while the extra sparkle may have taken your 70s homage costume to the next level, you probably don’t want it marking your face for the entirety of the week. Remember—even one blocked pore can result in a mounting zit, and “grown woman with acne” is probably not the costume you have picked out for October 31st.

Rather than exhaust your skin with multiple cleansings, turn to tape to take care of business. Wrap a piece around two of your fingers, then press lightly to lift any persistent specks. Take care not to pull too hard.

Follow with our Rose Hydrating Mist, good for an extra boost of hydration, or the Herbal Petals Toner Water, formulated to reduce redness and irritation, to five your skin that extra bit of love.

TIP #3 Treat Your Skin with Our Version of a Chill Pill

If you thought giving yourself a black eye or painting your face into a Mexican Sugar Skull was exhausting, just think about how your skin must feel. Yeah—you need to give it time to chill.

Avoid using any stimulating products containing retinol (your skin has been working hard enough already), and turn to gentle, antioxidant-rich serums and creams instead. After drying out under all those layers of cosmetics, your skin is bound to be a little thirsty, so re-hydrating is key. Turn to these Nolaskinsential product to give your face some well-deserved R&R.

Skin Loving Serums

Available in three varieties, each with different benefits, these serums will help you restore your skin with a healthy glow. Made of Vitamin A serum and a touch of organic lemon peel, the revitalizing serum will brighten the complexion while refreshing skin. The restoring serum, made of essential oils, witch hazel and glycolic acid, will restore your skin’s natural pH. Perhaps the best option to cure your skin’s Halloweekend hang-over is the rejuvenate serum, rich in Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and sea kelp.

Hydra-Moisturizing Cream

Loaded with Vitamins A, B and C, as well as cucumber extract and jojoba oil, this facial moisturizer absorbs into the skin without leaving sticky residue. Fighting off free-radicals, it softens your face and gives a healthy glow. Plus, a little goes a long way.  

Lastly, remember to skip any exfoliating products for now, but make sure to apply an enzyme mask or scrub a couple of days following your most make-up heavy night. 


The Nola Team