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Love Cupping
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Love Cupping

· · 1 comment

Is your cup runneth over?

You may have heard of cupping as it's pretty much the new health craze. Now, that's not to say cupping is just some sort of fad. Because indeed, they're pretty great benefits. But, as of late love cupping has soared to new heights and we're here for it all! 

Now, if you're anything like us. The first thing that has crossed your mind is: 

What the heck is love cupping and what is it for?

The whole idea of it is fairly simple actually -- think of it as a tiny vacuum on your back. Small cups are attached to your skin which creates a suction underneath them and sucks your skin upward in the cup. At this point, I'm almost 100% sure you're wondering why anyone would even consider cupping right? We thought so, but it's actually a fairly common form of therapy. Especially with athletes! 

Thanks to good old Chinese medicine, cupping goes back decades. Cupping therapy is ironically enough used to treat pain and/or deep tissue scarring. And your still wondering how? Check this out, according to research, cupping is supposed to break any blockage in order to restore the natural flow of energy throughout your body. Interested yet? 

Is it as painful as it looks?

Not quite sold because of how it looks we see, there's actually no need to worry. Throughout the process you may have a slight "ooh" here and there, that's  because of the heat inside the cup (it helps suction your skin). But, other than that it's fairly painless.

To make it a little better, Dr. Kara Acculand offers love cupping. It's a bit different from the traditional cupping that you'll find at your local acupuncture place. Dr. Acculand uses the cutest cups which are in the shape of hearts. So instead of red circles, you get red hearts left behind. That's a plus, right?

Why does my skin turn colors and how long does it last? 

Wait, red hearts? Yes, so basically if you have loads of toxins or buildup in the areas where the cups are placed your skin will turn colors. Moderate energy would be a light pink, which wouldn't last too long. However, if your buildup is severe there's a pretty good chance that the stagnation could leave behind a deep red or purple coloring. The coloring usually persist 6-10 days afterwards for severe cases. But, nonetheless, totally painless! 

Now that we've taken care of logistics, there's always a few things to consider before cupping:

Although it's not a painful process, everyone isn't a candidate. If you have any blood issues of any sort it's generally best to stay away. Same goes for cancer, being that cupping stimulates blood flow, we wouldn't want to transfer cancer cells from one area to another. Lastly, be sure to listen to your marks. They're telling you something! 

Are you thinking of cupping? Be sure to tag us in your journey! 

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