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Summer Body Goals
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Summer Body Goals

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Body on Fleek, Smooth Skin, Big ol’ Treat!


Ladies, it’s time to pull out your thong bikini, your high cut bottoms, your curve-hugging one-pieces and come through drippin’ — drippin’ in melanin of course. So, let me set the scene — your Girl’s Trip is coming up, you’ve been consistent with your squats and lunges, you’ve been drinking your lemon and mint water daily, (Sis, you look GOOD) and lastly you want to make sure you’re serving up a healthy glow. That’s where Nolaskinsentials pulls up as the bestie your skin didn’t know it needed. 

The first step to glowy, dewy skin is to exfoliate, so scrub yourself sexy with our Eden Glow Body Scrub! Our scrub was created with organic Sugar Cane, Shea Butter, and Grapeseed oil, that will not only polish the skin flawlessly but also promote an even tone, while containing small light reflectors, to give a luminous glow. In other words, the Sun is going to kiss every angle just right! Now that your skin is soft, supple and glowing, let’s continue down our checklist to make sure your Summer Body is hashtag worthy! 

During the Summer, we like to make sure we’re bikini ready in all aspects, so whether you shave, wax or laser, it’s best to always treat your most sensitive areas. Of course, we have you covered with our Razor Bump Serum. This serum was made for all skin types, and created to clarify, and help with the reduction of ingrown hairs and the imperfections they leave behind. The Tea Tree Oil inside our serum will soothe your skin, while the Glycerin will cleanse and hydrate your most sensitive skin. For flawless results, use our serum daily to unlock a healthy, glowy bikini line. 

Whew! Girl, with each step your inner baddie is emerging! 

So, let’s recap —you’ve scrubbed away your dry skin to release a sexy luminous glow, you’ve applied our serum to ensure your bikini line is treated and nourished and now it’s time for the finishing touch. Our Mint to Love Body Toner is just what your body needs to lock in all the goodness from the scrub to the serum. This mist contains a blend of amazing ingredients that will treat your skin, tone your pores while clarifying, and balancing the PH in your skin. Shake and spritz to give your body a dose of Peppermint oil, Tea Tree oil and, Witch hazel, while leaving behind minty fresh balanced skin! 

Bonus Baddie Tip: Poppin’ lips to go with your Summer Glow is a must keep your lips glossy and hydrated with our signature Ultra Gloss. This clear gloss is the perfect touch to complete your look, it’s non-sticky, with a soft sweet scent — Glossy pout for the win! 

Nolaskinsentials is all about enhancing the skin you’re already in treat yourself to our Summer Body Goals bundle, and get ready to bring sand to the beach. It’s you, you’re the sand! 


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