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Self-Care Tips to Kiss 2021 Good-bye and Say Hello to 2022!
· · 1 comment

Self-Care Tips to Kiss 2021 Good-bye and Say Hello to 2022!

· · 1 comment

No matter where you landed on your resolutions, goals, and aspirations for 2021 – we’re here to give you the self-care tips to leave this year behind on a positive note and prepare for 2022. We know how daunting it can be to recap your year, but it’s important to celebrate small wins just as much as we toast to big accomplishments. The fact that you’re reading this lets us know you’re ready for good vibes, positivity, and ready to embrace what the new year has for you. So let’s toast to that! 

We want to give you a few tips and tools on ways to stay motivated as well as a wellness to-do list to keep you rejuvenated and prepared for 2022. Towards the end of December, we all ease up on work and fitness be it those winter blues, or just a wind-down work wise.  During this time self-care is essential for your mental health and wellness. While you could sleep in or enjoy a few more episodes on Netflix, you could also use this time to maintain your glow, pamper yourself, and reflect. Here’s a routine that will help with wrapping 2021 up in a pretty bow and opening up to 2022 with new goals and opportunities. 

Good Vibes + Good Skin

Having an early start sets the tone for a productive day – you want to romanticize your mornings so much that you actually look forward to them. 

  • A Positive Mantra 
  • It can be you simply stating, “I welcome all blessings today” or receiving a daily affirmation via an app to start your day. We truly believe speaking it into existence is key.

  • A Morning Stretch
  • Yoga lovers already know how much a good stretch in the morning can start or reset your day. Pull out your yoga mat (dust it off if you need to), or try a few stretches while in bed, to help get you in the mood to tackle the day.

  • Morning Tea with your Morning Glow 
  • Wake up your skin and your senses with herbal tea. We love to prepare our tea while also taking care of our morning skincare routine. Place your tea kettle on the stove and let it heat up while you cleanse your skin for 60 seconds, tone, and apply your serum. While allowing your serum to absorb into your skin, you can prepare your tea for steeping. Move on to applying your Nola Skinsentials Rise and Shine Moisturizer, open a window for fresh air, and within 3 minutes, your tea is ready to be sipped and savored. 

    Nolaskinsentials Rise and Shine

  • Good Intentions 
  • Set your intentions for the day! Even if there are no hard deadlines, no zoom calls, or emails to respond to, this is the time to write down how you want the day to look and feel for YOU. My ladies with anxiety, this is for us because yes, we can relate, and setting those intentions helps with not overwhelming ourselves.

    Rest + Relaxation

    This is probably our favorite part of the day! Unwinding and relaxing after a long day of being your wonderful self, take this opportunity to indulge in all the simple pleasures you already have inside your home.

  • Shower but make it Sexy
  • Taking a hot shower and allowing the steam to soften your skin, can be made more calming with lowlights. Flip that light switch off, light a candle, and tend to your body care in a relaxed setting. 

    This is the perfect time to exfoliate away the day and any dry skin you may have by reaching for your Nola Skinsentials Eden Glow Body Scrub. Who says we can’t glow before bed?

    Nolaskinsentials Eden Glow Body Scrub

  • Butter Up!
  • After your body scrub, replenishing the skin is necessary. We find a full rub down with your favorite body butter is not only nourishing to your skin but relaxing to your body. You’re practically giving yourself a full body massage, so take your time and relish in this self-care moment. We recommend using Love Your Body Butta and letting your skin drink up a dose of shea and cocoa butter. 

  • Dear Diary…
  • For those of you who have gotten back into journaling, you know how essential it is for your self-care, and for those of you who haven’t, let this be your sign! Before bed, take time to reflect on your day, thoughts, goals, and ambitions. Enjoy this moment with hot tea, or a glass of wine and a facial mask, because yes, we’re tending to our skin as well. So reach for your fav Nola mask!

  • Sweet Dreams
  • Now that your journal entry for the night is complete, rinse off your mask and reach for your night-time moisturizer to replenish your skin with nourishing ingredients that will last throughout the night.

    Visualize Your Goals 

    One of our favorite things to do at the end of the year is to create a vision board for ourselves, because having a visual of your goals will boost your chances of achieving them. 

  • Manifest & Chill
  • Plan a night in with your friends – grab boards, magazines, your fav snacks, and comfiest clothes to plot on how to take over your corner of the world. Having friends and support can make this a fun night in, while carving out how you’re going to make 2022, bigger and better!

  • Realistic Goals
  • Be realistic in the goals you set for yourself and understand it doesn’t have to happen immediately. It’s actually best to give yourself month-to-month goals or quarterly goals while making sure you check in at the end of the month on your progress. A detailed planner can keep you on track, and an undated planner is ideal for those of you who don’t stay on a traditional schedule. 

  • Find your Inspiration 
  • Finding your inspiration for work, wellness, fitness, travel, etc is important when creating a vision board. Social media can be a positive tool if you use it correctly. Follow creators who are in your current industry, draw inspiration and implement what you can into your life that is realistic for you. 

    We really hope these tips give you a positive outlook on how to maintain your glow while wrapping up the year and preparing to embrace 2022 with a new perspective on life and yourself. Be thankful for how far you’ve made it and be ecstatic for what’s to come. If you’re looking for more tips on how to maintain your glow, follow us on instagram.