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Top 3 Must-Haves for a DIY Vajacial At-Home

Top 3 Must-Haves for a DIY Vajacial At-Home


Ladies, think about how rejuvenated and refreshed we feel after a facial -- a gentle scrub, a deep cleanse, and a soothing mask will always reset our skin for the better. Well lucky for you, your gorgeous face isn’t the only facial you can enjoy to give yourself a makeover and a confidence boost. Over the last few years, Vajacials have become quite popular and are offered as spa treatments for ladies who may need extra maintenance or just enjoy being pampered from top to bottom. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this treatment, let me spill a bit of tea and get your life together. 

What is a Vajacial?

A Vajacial is a treatment that involves the upkeep and maintenance of your vulva. It covers the areas that are troubled with ingrown hairs and can soothe the skin after shaving and waxing. Please note that a vajacial does not cater to the inside of your lady parts, just the surrounding areas, (bikini line and outer labia) to treat the skin for texture issues and hyperpigmentation. The treatment ranges from exfoliation, steaming, toning, masking, and moisturizing.

Do you really need one?

While a vajacial isn’t for everyone, it’s a great way to pamper yourself to leave your skin healthy and bikini ready. It’s never too soon to start primping and prepping for seasons that require little to no clothing, and if you’re in a hot city like Miami or Los Angeles, that’s practically all-year-round. While this particular treatment isn’t mandatory, it wouldn’t hurt to go the extra mile and spoil yourself to a little luxury where the sun may not always shine. 

How to: DIY Nola-Style

Just in case this treatment isn’t offered in your area or you’re simply a little shy, here are a few must-have products to complete the vajacial in the comfort of your home. We all deserve a pretty kitty and thankfully Nola Skinsentials thinks so as well, so let’s get into these products that were created to keep your P as pretty as can be!

  • Polish to Perfection

  • Getting rid of dry dead skin is the perfect start to rejuvenating your lady parts. Much like the skin on our faces, the skin on our vulva should be handled with care, so exfoliating with a proper scrub that won't irritate the skin is key! Reach for Nola Skinsentials Let’s Get Intimate Bikini and Body scrub. This scrub offers a gorgeous blend of pink Himalayan salt, white willow bark, (which is a key ingredient to fight off ingrown hair, soothing shea butter, and grapeseed oil. The mixture of grapeseed and sunflower oil will keep the surface of the skin hydrated, allowing for new growth to exit hair follicles with ease, and eliminating ingrown hairs. All ingredients were blended to brighten the skin, reduce dark spots, and a bonus is that it can be used all over the body.  *Before using, make sure to apply the scrub to damp skin only to aid in a gentle exfoliation* 

  • Yoni Wash Me, Please!

  • Now that your skin has been polished to perfection, a nice cleanse is our next step. Using The Good Stuff from Nola Skinsentials will offer a soothing cleanse that’s perfect for your most sensitive area. Again, just to be clear the yoni wash should not be inserted into the vagina, but the surrounding areas for a gentle cleanse and fresh scent. The Good Stuff Yoni Wash is a feminine cleansing gel that offers all benefits and no irritation. It’s made with coco-glucoside, which is said to be nature's gentlest cleanser, and makes it ideal for your most delicate area. There’s also a soothing blend of chamomile flower water, calendula, and lavender water that will kiss your skin in the softest of ways. There are no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, so feel secure in knowing your yoni is safe in your hands and Nola’s. 

  • Slip into Serum 

  • At this point, you should be feeling great about your DIY vajacial, your skin is smooth, your mini-me is nice and clean, and now it’s time to treat that area and seal in all the work you just put in! When we first started discussing this process, we mentioned wanting to treat uncomfortable ingrown hairs which can cause discoloration and can make you a little self-conscious during bikini season -- so this final step is a must-do! Take your Nola Skinsentials Razor Bump Serum, shake to activate, add a few drops to your hand, and apply along your bikini line and entire vulva. This serum was created to alleviate the recurring cycle of razor bumps and ingrown hairs, with the blend of tea tree oil to relieve inflammation and rid your skin of bacteria that may clog your hair follicles. The aloe and glycerin helps to hydrate and soften the skin, while offering a soothing effect after hair removal and exfoliation. 

  • Bonus Treat for your Cheeks

  • Your vajacial is complete but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat your cheeks. Don’t tend to one and not the other, so let’s give your bum some TLC as well. Nola Skinsentials is the one-stop-shop for all things self-care, so of course they have a mask for your derrière. The Bottoms Up Booty Mask is a clarifying clay mask that works to keep your backside clear of breakouts and clogged pores. This mask has Bentonite and Kaolin clay, which pulls and removes sebum from your pores, as well as gentle exfoliating ingredients like lactic, and glycolic to remove dead skin cells and diminish dark spots with regular use. Lastly, the Bottoms Up Booty Mask gently moisturizes with shea butter and avocado oil, so even after rinsing you don’t feel like your skin has been stripped. To get the most out of this treatment, we suggest applying a nice layer to both cheeks and allowing the mask to work its magic for 15-20 minutes. This is the perfect time to scroll on Twitter, post a cute selfie on IG, or add an inspirational quote to your story, and before you know it, it’s time to rinse away with warm water. Don’t forget to moisturize after your mask, as you normally would.

    Pretty P Recap

    To keep your Pretty P healthy and sparkling, we would suggest weekly to bi-weekly at-home vajacials. While The Good Stuff - Yoni Wash can be used daily, the Let’s Get Intimate Scrub, and Bottoms Up Booty Mask, should be used weekly. The razor bump serum can be used at your discretion after hair removal. For more skin and body care goodies, Nolaskinsentials has all your needs, wants and must-haves. Treat yourself!