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    Passion Fruit Hyperpigmentation Soap Try Me

    $10.00 USD
    Say sayonara to dark spots on your skin for good

    This ultra-gentle lightening soap for hyperpigmentation banishes the look of dark marks with regular use

    • Shaving and picking blemishes take a toll on your skin. No shame in it, all skin types get discoloration and acne scars now and then
    • Stop the cycle with a 2-in-1 hyperpigmentation eraser that cleanses and targets dark marks for a fresh, glowy complexion in one step
    • Lather up and let the foamy suds zero in on discolored areas so they can perform skin-brightening magic before rinsing
    • The secret? Powerful redness-reducer Azelaic Acid and natural brighteners Lemon Peel and Sunflower Oil lift away damaged pigment and support normal melanin production for beautifully even-toned skin
    • Star ingredient, Azelaic Acid, calms irritation and brightens skin safely, unlike kojic acid which has been linked to cancer
    • Passion Fruit soap makes it easy to fight hyperpigmentation as you shower, eliminating the need for messy skin lightening creams
    • It won’t bleach skin like toxic hydroquinone, which has been banned in more than 30 countries. Instead, it gently fades dark spots and makes your skin look visibly brighter and more uniform
    • Don’t second guess it, you can use it on your face, chest, underarms, legs, back, butt and bikini line.
    • Formulated without SLS, parabens and nasty chemicals, it won’t irritate skin or cause breakouts
    • This bar soap is vegan, cruelty-free and has compostable packaging for a better planet
    • A subtle natural aroma (no heavy or synthetic fragrance) leaves skin feeling fresh and clean as you wash up
    • Consistency is the key! Use daily for best results. You may see improvements early on, but it takes 8-12 weeks for full results
    • Radiant, even skin is a confidence booster

    Passion Fruit Hyperpigmentation Soap Try Me My Bag


    pairs best with:

    Brightening-C Serum

    Brightening-C Serum

    Mint To Love Body Toner

    Mint To Love Body Toner

    Let’s say sayonara to dark spots on skin for good. This ultra-gentle lightening soap for hyperpigmentation banishes unsightly dark marks with regular use. The secret? It’s our Brightening C Serum in soap form with the power of redness-reducing azelaic acid, the ideal combo for fighting hyperpigmentation and blemishes on body, chest and back. You don’t need messy skin lightening cream to get perfect skin. Our 2-in-1 hyperpigmentation soap kills two birds with one stone by cleansing your bod AND improving the look of pesky dark spots in one easy step. Lather up with this zesty citrus bar soap to gradually lighten the appearance of dark spots on face and body naturally. It’s the most convenient way to hydrate and fix uneven skin. 

    PACKAGING TYPE: Compostable pouch packaging 


    • Run soap under warm water, lather onto an exfoliation brush and gently massage into your skin.
    • Rinse with cool water, then apply the Brightening C Serum to entire area.  


    • Diminishes signs of discoloration
    • Combats dark spots and redness
    • Pairs perfectly with the Brightening C Serum


    • CITRUS LIMON PEEL: Yes, limon, not lemon. A powerful antioxidant that brightens discolored skin, it diminishes signs of hyperpigmentation on the body. 
    • AZELAIC ACID: Significantly reduces the irritation, redness and discoloration that can come from acne. Helps unclog pores and keep them clear. 

    View full list of ingredients here.

    *All items are 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, and hand-crafted with love.


    Should ONLY be used on affected areas. Should NOT be used on entire body or sensitive areas.

    what our nolababes say

    " I love using this cleanser as a start to my daily and nightly routinue "

    samantha, los angeles, us
    real skin
    real result
    real skin
    real result

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Amerika Horton (Newport News, US)
    Age: 19-29
    Skin Type: Combination
    Skincare concern: Dark spots/Redness

    I only bought the sample size to test out. Didn’t have much of a smell which I didn’t mind. Noticed some lightening , the try me size kinda goes quickly. Would probably add it to my next order to get the full size.

    Nino (Brooklyn, US)
    Age: 30-41
    Skin Type: Combination
    Skincare concern: Dark spots/Redness
    Where was this soap all my life!?!

    I bought the sample size because I wasn't sure if it was actually going to work. Baaaabbbbeeee, when I tell you my dark spots/lines have faded!?! Folks even told me that my skin looked different/better! I came back to buy 2 regular size bars - super excited I was able to stock up

    Jo stacy saint juste (Cape Coral, US)
    Age: 19-29
    Skin Type: Dry
    Skincare concern: Dark spots/Redness
    It's not bad at all

    So I bought the hyper pigmentation passion fruit soap because I kept blowing up my pimples I have some dark spots left in my face I started using this all its not working fast but they started fading away little by little,overall I think you should try the sample first ,that's what I did I used it for two weeks ,I suggest that you guys shave your face first with any cream that doesn't break you out then leave it in your face for 1 minute then rinse it off,you'll see a result faster if its for you of course

    W.G. (Downey, US)
    Age: 42-60
    Skin Type: Oily
    Skincare concern: Dark spots/Redness, Large pores

    I purchased this item for my mom and it has made her skin so much better. She has hyperpigmentation and this has made her skin so much better.

    Satin Williams (Queens, US)
    Age: 30-41
    Skin Type: Dry
    Skincare concern: Cystic Acne
    Worthy purchase!

    Grateful to have taken a chance on this bar🥰