Hyaluronic H2O Créme

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Did you know that acne-prone, oily skin needs daily moisture? In order to prevent your skin from over producing oil, it must be properly moisturized. Our Hyaluronic H20 Creme contains naturally derived ingredients to provide your skin with the right amount of moisture and a grease-free complexion.

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Size: 2oz  

Shelf life: 8 months


  • Use twice daily (after applying your serum) to moisturize oily and acne prone skin types


  •  Moisturizes without leaving skin greasy
  • Good for oily skin
  • All-natural
  • Vegan
  • Handcrafted


  •  Hyaluronic acid
  • Pomegranate
  • Vitamin-C
View full list of ingredients here

*All items are 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, and hand-crafted with love.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Age: 30-41
    Skin Type: Oily
    Skincare concern: Clogged pores, Dark spots/Redness
    My Skin Love This

    Having oily skin it has been a serious task finding a moisturizer that hydrates my skin but doesn’t add to the oil I already have. Not only have I noticed a change is the texture and softness of my skin, but I feel as though my oil production has calmed down with the proper balance thanks to this product. Esthetician approved!

    Thanks for shopping Nolababe, so happy its to your liking :)
    Age: 19-29
    Skin Type: Oily
    Skincare concern: Clogged pores, Dark spots/Redness

    This is honestly one of the absolute best moisturizers I’ve ever used in my entire life. It definitely helps control my oil and somehow makes my skin look somewhat glowy & matte at the same time! I bought the sample size and will definitely be picking up the full size in the future.

    Age: 19-29
    Skin Type: Combination
    Skincare concern: Clogged pores, Blackheads/Whiteheads, Dark spots/Redness
    Great Moisturizer!

    This moisturizer was a lifesaver for my skin since I'm on acne medications which it's very drying. This cream brought my skin back to life and I haven't gotten any flaking at all. It feels very soothing and calming which I can see my redness going away plus minimal breakouts. The sample would last you for months since you only need very little product for your skin (less is more!)

    Nolababe, Were thrilled to hear you are loving the hyaluronic creme! xoxo
    Age: 19-29
    Skin Type: Oily
    Skincare concern: Clogged pores, Blackheads/Whiteheads
    Caused Breakouts!

    I wish I read the full ingredients list, but unfortunately, it always redirected me to a page not found. I decided to test out this product as all the other products I have are AMAZING! I love this brand, but this product causes breakouts most likely because of the added fragrance. I have sensitive skin and added fragrance always triggers some type of breakout. This product would rock if they removed the fragrance.

    Hey nolababe, thanks for your review! Were sad to hear our hyaluronic creme was not a match for your skin. You can view the full ingredient list here https://www.nolaskinsentials.com/pages/hyaluronic-h2o-creme-ingredients or by clicking the ingredient tab under the product.
    Age: 30-41
    Skin Type: Oily
    Skincare concern: Clogged pores, Blackheads/Whiteheads, Large pores
    New Year New Face

    So I’ve tried what seems to be a million other products to control this adult acne of mine. While I was using other products, that I’m sure were terrible for my skin, I came acrosss Nolaskinsentials and loved all of the reviews. What stood out to me was that their products are all gluten free and cruelty free. I bought the bundle that aimed towards someone with oily skin. Within the first few days the texture of my skin had already changed. It was extremely soft and smelled amazing too. I have acne problems when I’m hormonal and these products have for sure tamed those outbreaks. I do randomly get a pimple here and there but literally within 1 night it’s cleared the next morning, it’s incredible. I can’t wait to try other products from them as well.

    Thanks for shopping babe, thrilled to hear they're working for you, the bundle is one of our personal favorites too! :)

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